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Making Sense of News

Anne Kruger, Masato Kajimoto, The University of Hong Kong

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This course by the University of Hong Kong offers a broad exploration of the issues facing the contemporary news media landscape.


Making Sense of News

Making Sense of News

by Anne Kruger


In 2010, a picture of a toddler chained to a post in Beijing went viral. With nothing but an image to analyze, headlines assumed parental cruelty. The reality was more complex, exposing child care and abduction issues. This story reveals one of the many pitfalls of our modern media landscape, which Making Sense of News is designed to unpack and discuss.

The University of Hong Kong's Dr. Masato Kajimoto is passionate about news literacy education and the role it plays in combatting rampant misinformation. In this course, he uses a blend of presentations and discussions to explore how journalism works today. Kajimoto is joined by Anne Kruger, a former CNN International anchor and senior reporter for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

If you're frustrated and confused by contemporary discourse surrounding the media, or overwhelmed by the volume of news that's available online, Making Sense of News offers guidance.

Favorite quote

If you want to know the truth you can't just be a passive news audience. You should actively keep following the topics and issues that you care about over time and if you can, you should demand the news media to investigate further.

- Masato Kajimoto

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