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Making a Career Change

Stacey Gordon

5 mins

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This LinkedIn course addresses the uncertainty and fear of making a life-changing career change, advising on how to know whether you're making the right decision.


Making a Career Change

Making a Career Change

by Stacey Gordon


After years of mastering a skill and building yourself up in a job, the thought of making a career change may seem daunting. But if you're unhappy with your current job, it may be the best option for you. Making a career change requires planning and thought so that you can have a smooth transition and set yourself up for success.

In this course, Stacey Gordon – founder and CEO of Rework Work – offers help to anyone who feels lost in their career. Through the course, you'll learn how to get started with making the change and identifying what your next move should be.

Favorite quote

You have to give yourself permission to get off the path you are on even though you haven't yet figured out a new path.

- Stacey Gordon

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