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Life's A Pitch

Philip Delves Broughton

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LIfe's a Pitch encourages us to see selling as an essential part of the human condition, an art to be embraced and honed rather than disrespected.


Life's A Pitch

Life's A Pitch

by Philip Delves Broughton


Many of us have an instinctively negative view of 'sales' – cheap suits, self-serving patter, and manipulative techniques. But according to Philip Delves Broughton, selling is a core human skill, without which our lives would neither be satisfying nor functional.

Broughton is the author of What They Teach You at Harvard Business School, named Business Book of the Year in both USA Today and the Financial Times. The seasoned business journalist now contributes to publications such as The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times, still sharing insights from his Harvard MBA.

From P. T. Barnum to the souks of Morocco, Life's a Pitch is full of stories that expand our view of what selling really is. This book will make you reconsider sales as a perfectly respectable, even noble activity, defined more by who we are than by what we're pitching.

Favorite quote

What separates the successful from the unsuccessful salesperson is the ability to believe that what you do is consistent with who you are.

- Philip Delves Broughton

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