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Learning to Be Assertive

Chris Croft

5 mins

3 key insights

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This course teaches us easily applicable methods to become more assertive and improve our everyday communication.


Learning to Be Assertive

Learning to Be Assertive

by Chris Croft


Assertiveness is necessary for everyday life. Although it isn't a natural skill for most of us, it can be learned. Whether you are an experienced manager or an intern, assertiveness can decide the outcome of every conversation you have.

In this course, Chris Croft teaches the meaning of being assertive and how to respond to challenging situations in communication with others. Through learning what assertiveness is, we can master practical techniques to apply to communication with difficult people and even our loved ones.

Favorite quote

Assertiveness is incredibly important because it underpins everything you do, every interaction you have with other people, both at home and at work, whether it's one to one, in meetings, or with groups of friends.

- Chris Croft

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