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Learning to Be Approachable

Dorie Clark

5 mins

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This course teaches strategies to build social and professional relationships, exploring how to cultivate an approachable mindset without altering your personality.


Learning to Be Approachable

Learning to Be Approachable

by Dorie Clark


You may think that others' view of you is based on your material presentation – your hair, makeup, or clothes – but this isn't usually the case. In fact, focusing on only external things will only make you come across as ungenuine. The key to approachability is self-reflection.

Delivered with the actionable expertise of personal branding expert Dorie Clark, this course teaches that anyone can develop a mindset to become more approachable. Whether in the workplace or in any situation where you feel nervous about yourself, approachability is a valuable, learnable trait.

Favorite quote

There's a common misconception that people who are good conversationalists are just naturally that way. That's rarely the case. Instead, it starts with them having the right tools.

- Dorie Clark

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