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Lean In

Sheryl Sandberg, Nell Scovell

5 mins

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Lean In digs deep into gender inequality, exploring why women are still underrepresented in the workforce and outlining ways we can enable and support them to take the lead.


Lean In

Lean In

by Sheryl Sandberg


Gender equality has always been a crucial matter, but the discussion has very much progressed over the last decade. Women are demanding to be paid the same as men, and men are starting to consider them their equals within the workplace.

Sheryl Sandberg is an American executive, businesswoman, billionaire, and philanthropist. In Lean In, Sandberg posits that gender equality can't just be achieved through legislation, but requires a shift in workplace attitudes and behaviors - from men and women alike.

Favorite quote

In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.

- Sheryl Sanberg

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