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Documentary Hack
Kurt Cobain: Montage of HeckBy Brett Morgen

In a Nutshell

In the film Montage of Heck, director Brett Morgen chronicles the turbulent life of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, starting with his troubled early family life and culminating in his meteoric rise to fame and untimely death.

Favorite Quote

He'd always have to do some kind of art. He never had idle hands. It just came out of him. He had to express himself.

Krist Novoselic, Kurt's friend


The life of a rockstar, or any celebrity, is heavily romanticized and filled with misconceptions.

We take it for granted that suffering and inner turmoil are the artist's cross to bear – that good art, art with substance, has to come from a dark, brooding mind.

Through a challenging upbringing punctuated with rejection, coupled with extreme sensitivity to the suffering around him, Kurt developed an intense fear of abandonment that he carried into adulthood.

At best, Kurt could use his music as a vehicle for untangling and expressing these feelings – they were fuel for his craft. At worst, they were crippling and unbearable.

Without expressing any lessons directly, the documentary challenges the romantic misconceptions by candidly showing us the toll that this suffering can take on a person.

Whether you're a world-famous rockstar or an obscure craft enthusiast, the documentary provides some stark lessons you can apply to your own lifestyle.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Inner turmoil can either drive you or destroy you, or both
  2. 2.
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