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Kitchen ConfidentialBy Anthony Bourdain

In a Nutshell

Kitchen Confidential is a risqué exposé of professional cuisine, as well as the culinary memoir of world famous American chef Anthony Bourdain.

Favorite quote

I would sit out on a narrow precipice, 64 flights up, my legs dangling over the edge, one arm wrapped around a sash, smoking weed with the dishwashers, Central Park and Manhattan splayed out before me.

Anthony Bourdain


Next time your waiter disappears into the kitchen and brings back a hot plate, try to take a peek through the double doors to get a glimpse of the madness happening just out of sight. The kitchen is the heart of every restaurant, and its inner workings are the guarded secret of the anonymous men and women over the stoves and cutting boards.

Anthony Bourdain was a celebrity chef, best known for hosting the wildly popular CNN travel cooking series, Parts Unknown. Bourdain made his bones as the executive chef at various New York restaurants, most notably Brasserie Les Halles.

Kitchen confidential is a memoir that follows the celebrity chef's restaurant career from lowly dishwasher up through executive chef in some of New York's top joints. At the peril of his own reputation, Bourdain uncovered the dirty truth of how restaurants crank out the same magic dishes every night.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    The restaurant lifestyle is one of sensation and debauchery that attracts the rejects of society
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