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Ivory TowerBy Andrew Rossi

In a Nutshell

Ivory Tower is an insightful documentary that shines a spotlight on the growing student debt crisis in the U.S.

Favorite quote

American colleges are driven by the pursuit of prestige and the way you get prestige is that you get the highest ranking, which expands your market and allows you to charge more.

Anthony Carnevale, Director of Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce


Receiving a higher education is the ultimate goal for most of America's high school graduates.

Yet for many students, education traps them in debt rather than helping them achieve the American Dream.

Andrew Rossi is a filmmaker previously known for Page One: Inside the New York Times.

In this documentary, Rossi painstakingly pulls apart the debt crisis facing higher education in America and encourages a new perspective on the problems facing students.

Ivory Tower takes a deep look at the structural flaws of the American education system.

With debt keeping students poor for many years after they have graduated, America's education institutions are facing a massive change in the near future, one way or another.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Elite schools put students under pressure to achieve greatness
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