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Inner Engineering


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Inner Engineering is a guide to creating a life of happiness by exploring our internal landscape of thoughts and feelings, and learning to align them with what the universe tells us.


Inner Engineering

Inner Engineering

by Sadhguru


The western world came to treat yoga as a set of exercises that are just another workout for our bodies. But in the original yogic tradition, the asanas that many people practice to improve their physical stamina are only one of the eight branches of a holistic system of knowledge.

In Inner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to Joy yogic guru Sadhguru introduces you to the rest of this system. He does so in order to shine a light on the path of those who are ready to grow as spiritual beings. The first step on that path should be redirecting one's focus from the external events to the realm of the inner experience.

Sadhguru says that the term guru originally means 'dispeller of darkness,' somebody who is supposed to 'throw light on the very nature of your existence.' He doesn't see his role as imposing specific beliefs on the reader. He'd rather encourage you to let your own intimate experience, that you can only access from within, guide you.

Favorite quote

The present is the only place you can be. If you live, you live in this moment. If you die, you die in this moment. This moment is eternity. How are you going to escape it, even if you try?

- Sadhguru

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