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Indoor Gardening

Ekta Chaudhary

5 mins

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Scientist and full-time gardener Ekta Chaudhary takes us through an accessible and informative introduction to indoor gardening.


Indoor Gardening

Indoor Gardening

by Ekta Chaudhary


Ekta Chaudhary's personal journey as a gardener started with growing a plant in her hostel during her studies. The scientist spent a decade researching sustainable farming practices in Himalayan communities – but we can apply her knowledge without leaving our front door.

Since getting her PhD in Ecology, Chaudhary started Garden Up, a business focused on helping people build up a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. In this course, Chaudhary helps us get started on indoor gardening, allowing us to benefit from her years of experience with no advanced degree required. From common indoor plants to the conditions they need to thrive, we will learn the fundamentals of greening our homes.

Favorite quote

In order to start gardening, actually, you do not need much. All that I would like you to bring in this class is some patience and some curiosity.

- Ekta Chaudhary

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