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Improving Your Listening SkillsBy Dorie Clark

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In this easy course, award-winning communication coach Dorie Clark helps us become better listeners – making us better communicators in the process.

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Listening is an invisible skill. It's not flashy. It doesn't announce itself, but it can be your secret weapon.

Dorie Clark


Dorie Clark is a Duke & Columbia Business professor best known for her communication coaching, strategy consulting, executive coaching, and keynote speeches.

Although she started out as an award-winning journalist, she is now an internationally recognized and lauded communication coach.

In Improving Your Listening Skills, Clark zones in on one of the most important communication skills – listening.

She helps us identify the most common mistakes we're likely to make in our own conversations, and develop effective skills to address those challenges.

Clark also emphasizes the value of listening skills for both our personal and professional lives.

Our ability to listen can be the difference between building meaningful relationships and shallow ones.

It can also be the difference between effectively dealing with challenges and misdirecting efforts.

This is an easy skill to build upon, and can be instantly effective and impactful in everyday life.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Listening empowers us to find solutions to problems
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