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I Am Not Your Baby Mother

Candice Brathwaite

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Candice Brathwaite opens up about her experiences as a Black mother, the stigmas attached to Black motherhood, and the dangers Black mothers face in the healthcare system.


I Am Not Your Baby Mother

I Am Not Your Baby Mother

by Candice Brathwaite


Candice Brathwaite, writer, TV presenter, and Black mother from London, understood early the shame that comes with the title 'baby mother' — mothers who are not in a relationship with the child's father. 'Baby mother,' or the Americanized 'baby mama', is often used to demean and ridicule single Black mothers and prevent them from being seen as strong, positive, or successful.

When Brathwaite began to share her experiences, she discovered the extent of the underrepresentation of Black mothers in the media. In I Am Not Your Baby Mother, Brathwaite speaks out about the realities of being a Black mother raising children in modern Britain.

Favorite quote

I want black women, black women who happen to be mothers, to be given space to share their multifaceted motherhood journeys – irrespective of their family make-up, current financial situation or number of past lovers – with pride.

- Candice Brathwaite

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