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Human: Sense

Stephen David

5 mins

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We're all aware of our five senses: sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch. But they're not all quite as simple and separate as we often assume.


Human: Sense

Human: Sense

by Stephen David


Human: Sense explores our five key senses of sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell, as well as how we cope without them and the other parts of our brain that work in tandem.

Our body absorbs a variety of sensations from the world around us, through eyes, ears, skin, and even the hairs in our nose. These sensations are converted to electrical impulses that shoot to our brain. It's through these electrical impulses alone and how the brain interprets them that makes up the reality around us. But how complex are these senses, and how do we cope when one is taken away?

Human: Sense is part of the six-episode Human: The World Within series, which explores various crucial facets of our bodies. Using interviews with neurological experts and basing information off real-life experiences, the series dissects the various systems within our bodies and explains how they work and how we cope in the real world.

Favorite quote

The human capacity to experience the world in infinitely diverse ways is astounding. And it's not only a testament to sensation, but to our profound creativity as a species.

- Jad Abumrad, Narrator

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