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Human: Pulse

Stephen David

5 mins

3 key insights

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This informative TV documentary episode highlights the wonders of the cardiovascular system by linking four stories to three ways that our pulses keep us alive.


Human: Pulse

Human: Pulse

by Stephen David


When our bodies are at rest, the only movement we can sense within is our pulse. Our pulse is the driving force of life that we don't give much thought to. Behind this deceptively simple motion is an entire system which allows us human experiences such as risk-taking, grief, and love.

Human: The World Within is a PBS series by Stephen David Entertainment. These short documentary episodes explore the systems of the human body that set us apart as a species and the experiences these systems fuel. Pulse combines four stories with commentary from different experts as we explore the cardiovascular system.

This episode follows an ice climber, a mother, a bus driver, and a widow as we learn about the cardiovascular processes that keep these people going.

Favorite quote

Even short interactions can stimulate a rush. So, for the heart, love looks like thousands of brief encounters over a lifetime.

- Jad Abumrad, narrator

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