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Human: Fuel

Stephen David

5 mins

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This Netflix docuseries episode explores the complex ecosystem inside the human gut, how it turns food into energy, and what happens when we don't feed it properly.


Human: Fuel

Human: Fuel

by Stephen David


Food is a universal language. In every society across the world, food brings people together. But at its core, food is the fuel our bodies need to run, walk, play, or even sit still.

Human: The World Within explores the fascinating ways in which different people live their lives around the world and the complex biological processes support them. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Stephen David, known for his historical documentaries like Sons of Liberty and The Men Who Built America, this docuseries takes us inside our own bodies.

In this episode, we look at the role of food in the body, and explore how the meals we eat get turned into energy. Through interviews and scientific data, Human: Fuel shows us what happens inside our gut, and the crucial role played by the organisms that live there.

Favorite quote

In fact, we refer to the gut as the second brain. It reflects everything about us. It's the hub, it's the center.

- Robynne Chutkan, MD, gastroenterologist

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