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How to Travel

The School of Life, Alain de Botton

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In How to Travel, the School of Life delivers a series of philosophical statements to get us thinking more deeply about the nature of travel, destinations, and the people we share these experiences with.


How to Travel

How to Travel

by The School of Life


How often do you take the time to deeply reflect on your travels? And how much thought do you put into choosing a holiday destination? According to the School of Life, our travels have a lot more to teach us than we might think.

The School of Life is a philosophical education company, founded by a group of writers and thinkers – notably including philosopher Alain de Botton – in 2008. The School of Life publishes books and digital content, and offers a range of classes around emotional intelligence and communication.

How to Travel features a series of succinct philosophical questions and statements to provoke deeper thinking about our adventures. This nugget of wisdom about inner and outer exploration offers advice and practical steps on how we can more deeply appreciate the places we visit, and the people we go with or meet along the way.

Favorite quote

Travel accedes to its true nobility when we ensure that the physical journey can support a well-defined inner journey towards maturity and emotional health.

- The School of Life

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