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How to Make Your Money Last

Jane Bryant Quinn

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In this book, Jane Bryant Quinn teaches you how to make a sensible financial plan for your retirement and maximize your available income.


How to Make Your Money Last

How to Make Your Money Last

by Jane Bryant Quinn


Retirement can be a tricky time. Perhaps you'll wonder how to fill your time in the absence of work, or maybe you'll search for a sense of identity separate from your previous profession. However, for almost everyone, some of the most pressing questions in retirement are financial.

Jane Bryant Quinn is a financial journalist and commentator as well as a Bloomberg columnist. In How to Make Your Money Last, Quinn sets out in detail how U.S. citizens can best support themselves and their loved ones after retirement.

The strategies discussed include setting an annual spending budget, maximizing your Social Security income, and managing a sensible stock and bond portfolio. Through following these steps, you can free yourself to focus on building your new life after retirement and keep financial concerns to a minimum.

Favorite quote

What gives us this freedom of mind and action is having an income that we're sure will last for life ... After that, adventure calls.

- Jane Bryant Quinn

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