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How to Define Your Style and Brand

Ben Sasso

5 mins

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This action-based course reveals the different ways you can develop an identity in photography and distinguish yourself from other photographers in the market.


How to Define Your Style and Brand

How to Define Your Style and Brand

by Ben Sasso


When building a brand for yourself as a photographer, it's essential to develop a style that's unique to you, recognizable, and consistent. Over time, your style will progress, which will stop you from becoming stale.

Ben Sasso is a photographer and educator whose work has been featured in PDN Magazine and Rangefinder Magazine. In this course, Sasso takes you on a journey to experiment, explore, and determine what photography style works for you. Sasso will show you how to look within to discover what you like and why, identify a niche, and build a successful business.

Favorite quote

Even if it's something that you aren't sure is going to be a part of your style in the future, just step out and try something totally different.

- Ben Sasso

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