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How to Be Alone

Sara Maitland

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How To Be Alone shows you that solitude not only has its benefits, but is a vital component of happiness. Embracing it can help you discover what you need why it's okay to let society think you're a bit weird sometimes.


How to Be Alone

How to Be Alone

by Sara Maitland


How To Be Alone is part of a series by educational organization The School of Life. Sara Maitland is a feminist writer, having written a fair share of novels, short stories and non-fiction.

In this book, she explains that, even though we live in a society that promotes individualism, one where we all show our uniqueness with tattoos, self-designed clothing, and personal blogs, we still shun and condemn those who prefer to spend their time alone.

Of course, relationships are part of a happy life, but no one said you have to be social all the time – even though that's what we assume to be the norm.

Favorite quote

You are one of those courageous people who wants to dare to live; and to do so, believe that you have to explore the depths of yourself, undistracted and unprotected by social conventions and norms.

- Sara Maitland

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