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How to Avoid a Climate DisasterBy Bill Gates

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Billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates lays out a clear, understandable overview of the challenges posed by human-caused climate change, what we're doing right, and where we need to improve.

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In climate terms, a change of just a few degrees is a big deal ... During the age of the dinosaurs, when the average temperature was perhaps four degrees Celsius higher than today, there were crocodiles living above the Arctic Circle.

Bill Gates


We've all heard by now that the Earth is in deep trouble.

Human-produced greenhouse gases are heating the world at an unprecedented rate, with dire consequences.

But one of the world's richest individuals is committed to preventing climate catastrophe.

Since co-founding Microsoft, Bill Gates has been one of the world's most prominent billionaires and philanthropists, working through The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to foster global development.

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster is Gates' roadmap to reducing anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions to zero in the coming decades without sacrificing life-changing technology and dignity for the world's poorest people.

Gates spent years talking to researchers, scientists, investors, and global leaders about why just reducing emissions isn't enough to slow human-induced climate change.

The book details, in layperson's terms, how each of our systems, from transportation to food production, contribute to the problem and how to change them.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    We have to improve people’s lives while reducing emissions
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