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History 101: Fast Food

Bruce Kennedy

5 mins

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History 101: Fast Food is a thought-provoking examination of the development of the fast food industry.


History 101: Fast Food

History 101: Fast Food

by Bruce Kennedy


Fast Food is the focus of the first episode in Netflix docuseries History 101, which delivers short but powerful history lessons on scientific breakthroughs, social movements, and influential discoveries. The episode covers the history of the fast food industry as far back as the establishment of the first fast food restaurant in 1921.

By providing this rundown of the development of the fast food industry, director-producer Laura Stevens shows us that the industry's growth has come at a great cost to our societies and to our environment. More importantly, Stevens shows us that we are ultimately responsible for restoring that balance, because the industry always plays to the market's tune.

In true History 101 fashion, the lesson is delivered quickly, without neglecting vital details. The documentary has been condensed to only the critical pieces of information, so every second of it matters – and every second is fascinating.

Favorite quote

If we are what we eat, what does the enduring popularity of fast food say about us?

- Natalie Silverman

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