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Global Planet Authority

Angus Forbes

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Environmentalist Angus Forbes proposes a radical method to combat the climate crisis by empowering a Global Planet Authority to protect humanity's greatest resource – our planet.


Global Planet Authority

Global Planet Authority

by Angus Forbes


After decades of damaging denial, most global leaders today agree on the reality of climate change. Meaningful climate action is often derailed by arguments over which countries should shoulder the burden, with each putting its own economic interests before those of the planet.

Angus Forbes spent two decades working at the London Stock Exchange before waking up to the harsh reality our planet faces at this critical moment in history. Now Forbes is an environmentalist dedicated to uniting people around a shared vision to save the biosphere.

In this bold book, published in 2019, Forbes suggests that the global community of internet users hold a voluntary vote to create a new Global Planet Authority. The GPA's sole responsibility would be to prevent further destruction to the environment and sustain the potential for human existence.

Favorite quote

I am absolutely convinced that in order to protect the biosphere, which is essentially a global living system that knows no national boundaries, we need a specialist global authority to do the job.

- Angus Forbes

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