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From Atoms to Stars: How Physics Explains Our WorldBy Andrey S. Olchak, National Research Nuclear University

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In this course from Moscow's National Research Nuclear University, Professor Andrey Olchak explains the fundamental laws that form our world at both a microscopic and macroscopic level.

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Chemistry is busy with atoms and molecules, biology with mostly macroscopic living beings ... The only field of knowledge which pretends to cover practically all the scale ranges, from elementary particles up to the universe taken as a whole, is physics.

Andrey Olchak


As a discipline, physics encompasses the study of both microscopic and massive objects.

From quantum fields to entire galaxies, all structures great and small are governed by the same fundamental basic laws.

Dr. Andrey Olchak is an associate professor in nuclear research at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, formerly the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute.

In this course offered through edX, Olchak provides a university level understanding of physics in an approachable manner, covering foundational formulae as well as the application and history of the field.

Through lectures, articles, discussion, and quizzes, this course takes students from atoms to the stars.​

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    The development of an atomic model took quite some time
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