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Freud: A Very Short Introduction

Anthony Storr

5 mins

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A biographical introduction to one of the world's most influential psychotherapists and famous purveyors of the theorization of the subconscious: Sigmund Freud.


Freud: A Very Short Introduction

Freud: A Very Short Introduction

by Anthony Storr


The renowned psychoanalyst and neurologist Sigmund Freud revolutionized our understanding of the brain and sex, most notably through his theorization of the functioning of our subconscious. The incredible breakthroughs Freud has made in the practice of therapy still influence the realm of mental health to this day.

Anthony Storr is a clinical psychotherapist and prolific author whose work focuses primarily on human psychology. Storr conducted extensive research on the undesirable aspects of personality and psychology, evinced by his books Sexual Deviation and Human Destructiveness.

Freud: A Very Short Introduction is an introduction to Freud's life and career. His notes, psychoanalytic method, and prescribed treatments to temporary mental disorders and neuroses from the early 20th century form the backbone to modern clinical psychotherapy.

Favorite quote

Freud regarded civilization as unduly oppressive and provocative of neurosis.

- Anthony Storr

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