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Book Hack
Folk WitchcraftBy Roger J. Horne

In a Nutshell

Writer and folk witch Roger J. Horne provides an introductory guide for novice witches looking to learn more about traditional witchcraft lore.

Favorite Quote

Folk witchcraft provides the framework for independent exploration and development in the craft as recorded in our old lore without the shackles of laws and conventions imposed by a modern group's perspective.

Roger J. Horne


Witches are often seen as scary beings riding around on broomsticks, casting spells.

In reality, the rich history of witchcraft dates back hundreds of years, with its intricate elements originating from various aspects of folklore.

Author, folk witch, and modern animist Roger J. Horne specializes in Appalachian herb-doctoring and Scottish cunning craft.

Horne's book, Folk Witchcraft: A Guide to Lore, Land, and the Familiar Spirit for the Solitary Practitioner, is an all-encompassing guide for beginner witches looking to break into the spiritual realm.

The book includes an overview of folk witchcraft's historical roots as well as practical teachings on how to cast spells and make potions.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Folk witchcraft is rooted in centuries-old lore
  2. 2.
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