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Feminism and Social Justice

Bettina Aptheker, UC Santa Cruz

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Feminism and Social Justice is a course offered by University of California Santa Cruz through Coursera, covering the links between the feminist cause and other social justice movements.


Feminism and Social Justice

Feminism and Social Justice

by Bettina Aptheker


Even in the 21st century, many women still face workplace discrimination, unequal shares of housework, and domestic abuse. Even after a long feminist struggle, rape and misogyny continue to be prevalent all around the world. So, what exactly holds a patriarchal system together?

Social activist and author Bettina Aptheker has spent her life contributing to feminist thought, participating in civil rights efforts, and campaigning for peace. Now a professor at the University of California Santa Cruz, Aptheker argues that gender discrimination sustains itself through other social and political injustices like racism, poverty, and war.

Through the lens of historical events like the Empire Zinc strike and the Me Too Movement, Feminism and Social Justice stresses the intersectionality of gender equality with racial, economic, and social justice.

Favorite quote

Feminism is a movement, a philosophical perspective, and a driver of social change. It has various goals and constituencies, and it continues to be adapted in response to new conditions.

- Bettina Aptheker

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