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Fast Track to Happiness

Lynda Field

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Fast Track to Happiness is an empowering guide to help you claim a fulfilling life, one small step at a time.


Fast Track to Happiness

Fast Track to Happiness

by Lynda Field


Having worked as a personal development consultant, counselor, therapist, and life coach for decades, Lynda Field knows how overwhelming being unhappy can be. She's worked with people from all walks of life. That's why she understood that no matter where we come from, we all want to be happy. Oftentimes, though, we simply don't know how.

In Fast Track to Happiness, Field unravels the simple process we can use to become happier – and it only takes 10 days. Her 10-Day Happiness Program is meant to inform us about the fundamentals of happiness and to show us how we can apply these principles to our own lives, to reach our happily ever after. For it to work, we need to approach the book and the program with an open mind, committing ourselves wholly to the process.

Field developed her program from a combination of scientific research and ancient traditions. As unconventional as her approach to happiness might be, it's worked for many of her clients and over half a million readers who have bought her books worldwide.

Favorite quote

If in our daily lives we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will profit from it.

- Thich Nhat Hanh, Thiền Buddhist monk

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