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Farmageddon is a compendium of facts and figures about how the mass production of cheap meat influences our world and what we can change to return to a sustainable agricultural system.




by Philip Lymbery


Isabel Oakeshott and Philip Lymbery co-authored Farmageddon in 2014 to raise awareness regarding the issues with mass meat production in factory farming and its impact on our planet, health, and society in general.

Lymbery is the CEO of Compassion in World Farming, a UK-registered charity, and animal welfare organization. It fights for fair conditions for animal livestock and against all agricultural mass production systems, which drive most of the meat we consume today.

This study shows how far the impact of cheap meat really goes, from fish to air, from famine to bacteria, from cramming to cloning - and what we can do to stop this cycle before it's too late.

Favorite quote

Much of the meat on many supermarket shelves has a dirty secret that you won't find on the label - the way it was produced.

- Isabel Oakeshott, Philip Lymbery

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