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Discovering Your Strengths

Dave Crenshaw

5 mins

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Leadership expert Dave Crenshaw offers a journey of self-discovery, sharing effective methods to help you discover your gifts, passions, and skills.


Discovering Your Strengths

Discovering Your Strengths

by Dave Crenshaw


When it comes to our careers, the primary goal is success and genuine passion for what we're doing. However, most of us struggle with figuring out what we're 'meant' to do, and often find ourselves jumping from one career to another, wasting our time and resources. When we focus on what we do best, we enhance our quality of life and our career success. But how do we truly know what our strengths are and how to further improve them? Fortunately, bestselling author and keynote speaker Dave Crenshaw can help us put together a personalized action plan to discover our strengths. This course is a journey of self-discovery, as Crenshaw guides us through the simple process of understanding what we're naturally good at, what we're most passionate about, and the skills we've learned over time. By both knowing and improving ourselves, we open the door to a higher level of career satisfaction.

Favorite quote

When you focus on what you do best, you'll grow more quickly than trying to improve upon your weaknesses.

- Dave Crenshaw

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