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Deep Work

Cal Newport

5 mins

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Deep Work proposes that we've lost our ability to focus deeply and completely immerse ourselves in a complex task, showing us how to cultivate this skill and focus more than ever before.


Deep Work

Deep Work

by Cal Newport


Cal Newport had been talking about the idea of deep work for quite some time on his blog on 'study hacks'. He would test his theories before he was finally able to publish his findings in a book. Our attention spans are said to be shortening more and more, now not dissimilar from that of goldfish, so Newport's call to focus is more than appropriate. Digging into the idea of deliberate practice, Deep Work suggests that being able to completely immerse yourself in a complex task is a rare, valuable, and meaningful skill. Newport then outlines four rules that you can use to cultivate a deep work ethic and learn to focus intensely.

Favorite quote

If you don't produce, you won't thrive - no matter how skilled or talented you are.

- Cal Newport

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