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Cybersecurity with Cloud Computing

Malcolm Shore

5 mins

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Cybersecurity with Cloud Computing is an introductory course designed to help us understand how we can safely use cloud technology in our organizations.


Cybersecurity with Cloud Computing

Cybersecurity with Cloud Computing

by Malcolm Shore


Cloud technology is slowly becoming the most logical way to support every organizational function. But many people still don't fully understand how cloud technology works, or how to use it safely.

Dr. Malcolm Shore is a cybersecurity consultant and expert in all things IT, from systems programming to policy and strategic planning. Currently an adjunct professor at Melbourne's Deakin University Cybersecurity Research Institute and Chief Security Architect at David Lynas Consulting, Shore has held key roles in industry and education over the course of his decades-long career.

In this 2020 course, Shore explains cloud technology, the benefits and risks associated with using it, and how we can mitigate those risks. Cybersecurity with Cloud Computing provides a breakdown of the major forms of cloud technology, as well as an introduction to cloud legislation and knowledge resources.

Favorite quote

Protection of data is a shared responsibility. The owner retains the risk and liability for data, whilst the service provider is a custodian with contractual obligations.

- Dr. Malcolm Shore

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