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Creating a Business Plan

Mike Figliuolo

5 mins

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This course explains the importance of having a business plan while taking you through the concrete steps you'll need to take in order to chart your own course.


Creating a Business Plan

Creating a Business Plan

by Mike Figliuolo


There's a big difference between having good ideas and getting them to work. That difference is having a good business plan. Making a good business plan is an art in its own right, and it's often as important as the original idea.

Mike Figliuolo is the managing director and founder of thoughtLEADERS, a consultancy that helps businesses all around the world improve communication channels, leadership, and decision making. A West Point graduate and assistant professor at Duke University, Figliuolo has written a great deal about personal leadership, intra-team communication, and pitching.

In this course, Figliuolo covers the numerous variables you have to take into account when developing your business idea, such as branding and market analysis. Using helpful real-life examples to illustrate more specific business plan recommendations, the course offers something for everyone who wants to make the most of their ideas.

Favorite quote

You may ask why do I need a business plan? Why can't I just launch my business and get to market? The importance of a business plan cannot be understated. First you have to define your business and how you're going to compete.

- Mike Figliuolo

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