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Communicating with Empathy

Sharon Steed

5 mins

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Communicating with Empathy is a LinkedIn Learning course that highlights the importance of maintaining both your personal and professional relationships, offerings tips on how to do this effectively and empathetically.


Communicating with Empathy

Communicating with Empathy

by Sharon Steed


No matter the industry you're in, good communication and people skills are some of the most important traits to have in your playbook. Too often, people run into conflict in their personal and professional relationships, even when coming from a seemingly good place, because they don't know how to properly communicate.

International keynote speaker Sharon Steed is an empathic communication consultant, specializing in helping companies build better, more inclusive corporate cultures. Having faced her fears as a stutterer by becoming a public speaker, Steed learned from the inside out how empathy acts as the cornerstone for positive and effective communication.

Favorite quote

Highly collaborative teams prioritize open and effective team communication, both when speaking and when listening. They know that the most important habit to maintain a collaborative state is empathy.

- Sharon Steed

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