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Can't Even

Anne Helen Petersen

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In Can't Even, Anne Helen Petersen dives into millennial burnout, its origins in the employment habits of baby boomers, and how we can fight against the culture of overwork.


Can't Even

Can't Even

by Anne Helen Petersen


Millennials, the generation born between 1981 and 1996, are often described as lazy or self-centered in popular media. The reality is that millennials are anxious and overworked — despite what their older bosses may think.

Can't Even: How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation analyzes the millennial work ethic and how it leads to exhaustion. The book brings awareness to the economic, psychological, and social factors that may be furthering the burnout dilemma and preventing millennials from establishing a healthier relationship with labor.

With a Ph.D. in Media Studies and a background writing about work and culture, Anne Helen Petersen explains the challenges millennials face both in and out of the workplace. Petersen emphasizes the external influences and cultural trends that have pushed an entire generation to the brink of exhaustion.

Favorite quote

Deep down, millennials know the primary exacerbator of burnout isn't really email, or Instagram, or a constant stream of news alerts. It's the continuous failure to reach the impossible expectations we've set for ourselves.

- Anne Helen Petersen

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