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Burn Your Burnout

Yosef Koffler

5 mins

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In this course, psychologist Yosef Koffler teaches strategies anyone can use to overcome burnout and build a productive daily routine.


Burn Your Burnout

Burn Your Burnout

by Yosef Koffler


Everyone experiences stress at various points in their lives, but unmanaged stress can lead to anxiety and burnout. When negative emotions take over, projects can go unfinished and toxic relationships can dominate your life.

Yosef Koffler is a psychologist who is passionate about using cognitive therapy and mindfulness techniques to help people achieve their potential. In this course, Koffler outlines simple yet effective methods for adults and teenagers to manage their stress and make long-lasting positive changes.

In Burn Your Burnout, Yosef Koffler offers evidence-based methods for managing stress and beating burnout. You'll learn how to make a plan, monitor your progress, and care for your mind and body while pursuing your goals.

Favorite quote

Constant implementation of positive changes into your daily routine will help you to achieve the best results.

- Yosef Koffler

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