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Building Resilience

Tatiana Kolovou

5 mins

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Performance guru Tatiana Kolovou takes us through some powerful strategies we can use to maintain composure in the face of adversity.


Building Resilience

Building Resilience

by Tatiana Kolovou


Tatiana Kolovou's career began in fitness before focusing on workplace performance, business communication, and cross-cultural communication. In Building Resilience, the author breaks down some truly valuable techniques we can use to develop resilience and manage stress.

As a top consultant and senior lecturer in Business Communication at the Kelley School of Business, Kolovou has demonstrated that fitness principles are just as applicable for building strong, confident teams in business. This course shows that not only can we apply these principles in business, but in every other aspect of our lives as well.

Kolovou firmly believes in the power of practice as part of the skills development process, and throughout the course provides useful exercises we can use to train ourselves to build resilience and its supporting skills.

Favorite quote

Resilience and the strength it involves is not learned by reading a book or sitting in a classroom training. It's learned by practicing again and again in the trenches of everyday life.

- Tatiana Kolovou

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