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Building Better Routines

Mike Vardy, Madecraft

5 mins

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In Building Better Routines, 'time-hacker' Mike Vardy shares how you can structure your routines to create a healthy lifestyle that can improve your overall productivity.


Building Better Routines

Building Better Routines

by Mike Vardy


In our exhausting world full of chaos, it always feels like there's too much to do in too little time. This mindset preys both on your personality and your productivity. There's enough time for you to achieve what matters to you. You simply need to create powerful routines that work for you.

Productivity guru Mike Vardy is an expert in improving productivity and managing time, having written books and hosted a podcast on the same subjects. In short, he eats and breathes efficient routines.

In Building Better Routines, Vardy integrates the concept of time-crafting with productivity to create powerful routines that let you find enough time to work smart and achieve your goals.

Favorite quote

Routines are the building blocks of a good framework. And frameworks foster freedom.

- Mike Vardy

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