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Bruce Springsteen's Letter to You

Thom Zimny

5 mins

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Equal parts interview, documentary, and concert, this is a character study of Springsteen and his music, with the artist’s reflections on his connection to his music, his artistic career, and - most importantly - his audience.


Bruce Springsteen's Letter to You

Bruce Springsteen's Letter to You

by Thom Zimny


Now 71 years old, Bruce Springsteen is perhaps one of Americana Rock’s most successful and longest-active artists. Known for his raw, punchy sound that takes inspiration from a huge spectrum of American music, Springsteen’s creations have firmly embedded themselves into the collective pop-rock psyche.

This documentary holds up a magnifying glass up to the thought processes and meanings behind many of the songs in Springsteen’s 2020 album, Letter To You.

It also shows Springsteen for the extraordinarily powerful singer he still is, with the decades that have passed since his career began seemingly having little effect on the sheer force and grit of his voice. Shot in black and white by director Thom Zimny, the film captures Springsteen’s recollections and anecdotes along with the live performances of music from the album in the E Street Band’s personal studio. By merging concert snippets with interviews, this documentary merges the musical and biographical in a way that means one is always directly highlighting the influence of the other.

Favorite quote

I started playing the guitar because I was looking for someone to speak to and correspond with.

- Bruce Springsteen

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