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Black Box Thinking

Matthew Syed

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All paths to success stem from failure. This book teaches how to accept your mistakes, approach setbacks with courage, and build your own 'black box' from the lessons that failure gives you.


Black Box Thinking

Black Box Thinking

by Matthew Syed


You can't succeed without making mistakes or failing along the way. Unfortunately, most people don't like messing up and hate admitting when they do. Black Box Thinking is about changing our mentality around failure.

As a former professional table tennis player, Matthew Syed's career has been defined by success and failure. For nearly a decade, Syed ranked as the British number one, competing in two Olympic games for his country. In this book, Syed shares his insights into how failure can help us succeed, demonstrating how admitting our mistakes is the only way to learn, grow, and triumph.

Favorite quote

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.

- Matthew Syed

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