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Bernardine Evaristo on Writing

Bernardine Evaristo, Edward Enninful

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In her Vogue Visionaries class on fiction writing, Booker Prize winner Bernardine Evaristo offers expert advice on finding success as a writer as well as practical tips for writing a novel and getting it published.


Bernardine Evaristo on Writing

Bernardine Evaristo on Writing

by Bernardine Evaristo


Many aspiring writers are fixated on notions of genius and inspiration – unhelpfully so. But the experience of those writers who have persevered show that it's the more mundane and functional elements of writing that are key to success.

As professor of creative writing at Brunel University London and an internationally renowned author whose work includes fiction, poetry, essays, and plays, Bernardine Evaristo knows the writing process inside and out. Having spent most of her career in obscurity, in 2019 Evaristo became the first Black woman to win the Booker Prize. Fittingly, her first non-fiction book is named Manifesto: On Never Giving Up.

In this course presented by Vogue Visionaries, Evaristo offers practical tips on structuring a novel, getting it published, and finding a way to support yourself on your journey. The author also provides insights on developing your writing style, infiltrating the literary community, and the myth of writer's block.

Favorite quote

If your burning ambition is to write, then you need to find a way to sustain yourself financially. So I think you need to get a job, but you need to get a job that is not going to take you away from your writing too much... Or you can marry a rich person.

- Bernardine Evaristo

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