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Robert M. Sapolsky

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Behave sets out to explain the reason behind human behavior, good or bad, by exploring the influences of brain chemistry and our environment.




by Robert M. Sapolsky


Have you ever wondered to yourself, "why did I just do that?" Or have the actions of others left you similarly puzzled? Finding out exactly why humans do the things we do is difficult. No one facet of science explains why we act the way we do. This is why if we want to explain human behavior, we must adopt an interdisciplinary approach.

World-renowned neuroscientist and Stanford professor Robert M. Sapolsky encourages us to embrace the multifaceted explanation of why we act the way we do. In his book, Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst, he details the influences on our behavior. He includes those that happen seconds before such as neurological responses, to thousands of years prior such as the genetics that hardwired our brains. We may not be able to explain all of the puzzling human behavior we see. But this book will certainly give you a better idea of why we do the things we do.

Favorite quote

Things that seem morally obvious and intuitive now weren't necessarily so in the past; many started with nonconforming reasoning.


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