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Becoming an Entrepreneur

Martin Culpepper, Laurie Stach, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

5 mins

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This course from MIT covers how to start a company from the earliest planning stages.


Becoming an Entrepreneur

Becoming an Entrepreneur

by Martin Culpepper


Entrepreneurship is not a fine science. It is a social experiment in understanding what individuals want, need, and will respond to. For every sleek, successful company that exists, a massive amount of time, energy, and insight went into its planning and execution.

Hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and led by Laurie Stach, edX course Becoming an Entrepreneur focuses on the behind-the-scenes of businesses in their earliest stages. The founder of entrepreneurial program LaunchX, Stach provides practical advice and case studies to help current and future entrepreneurs learn to better navigate the many decisions that go into forming a new company.

Favorite quote

The challenge of entrepreneurship is not in coming up with great ideas. The hard part is commercializing those ideas and consistently creating value for both the customers and your business.

- Laurie Stach

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