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Autobiography of a YogiBy Paramahansa Yogananda

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Originally published in 1946, this richly inspiring memoir recounts the life of famed Hindu yogi, monk, and guru Paramahansa Yogananda, renowned for introducing the ancient science and art of yoga to the West.

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A yogi must be able to pass into, and continue in, the superconsciousness, regardless of multitudinous distractions never absent from this earth.

Paramahansa Yogananda


Paramahansa Yogananda was an iconic spiritual sage and thinker whose influence still reaches across religious and spiritual practices today. A Hindu yogi and guru, Yogananda bridged the traditions of Eastern religion and spirituality and Western theology, introducing millions to meditation and Kriya Yoga.

Published in 1946 and having sold over 4 million copies, Autobiography of a Yogi recounts Yogananda's remarkable life. The memoir describes his early years, spiritual journey, search for a guru, and decades teaching yoga in America that prompted his title of 'Father of Yoga in the West'.

The memoir is acclaimed as one of the 100 best spiritual books of the 20th century; the late CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, described it as one of his most formative reads and requested copies for attendees at his memorial. Within Yogananda's words is lasting and profound wisdom that spans religious differences and ensures his legacy lives on.

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    The yearning for a rigorous and devoted spiritual life began early for Paramahansa Yogananda
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