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All in My Family

Hao Wu

5 mins

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This autobiographical documentary explores gay filmmaker Hao Wu's traditional Chinese family as they come to terms with his lifestyle and choices.


All in My Family

All in My Family

by Hao Wu


Coming out to family is difficult for any LGBTQ+ person, but if you're from a traditional Chinese family, it's even harder. When Chinese filmmaker Hao Wu discovered he was gay, he traveled to America to live a new life. In 2019, after deciding to have children with his partner Eric, Wu decided to document his family as they came to accept his lifestyle.

Self-directed and produced by Wu, All In My Family explores how the modern world challenges the beliefs of Wu's traditional Chinese family, through candid footage and interviews with family members.

Favorite quote

The son of a Chinese family can never run away from his past – at least, not from his parents.

- Hao Wu

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