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Abstract: Design for Play

Cas Holman, Morgan Neville, Scott Dadich

5 mins

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Toy designer Cas Holman discusses her career-long mission to design toys that enable children to play freely.


Abstract: Design for Play

Abstract: Design for Play

by Cas Holman


Play is a fundamental part of being a child; with it, children explore the world, discover how it works, and ultimately learn about themselves. However, modern toys have become very goal-orientated, instructing children on how to play rather than facilitating free play. In this episode of the Netflix docuseries, Abstract: the Art of Design, we meet Cas Holman, a toy designer on a mission to change the way toys are designed.

Holman designs toys that enable children to use their imaginations rather than follow instructions. For Holman, design and play are intrinsically linked: they both test out ideas, toy with different concepts, and interact with the environment.

By giving children the tools they need to build confidence and creativity, we are equipping them to make a better future for all of us.

Favorite quote

We don't design the play. We design for the circumstances for play to arise.

- Cas Holman, Toy designer

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