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A Job to Love

The School of Life, Alain de Botton

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This concise guide from The School of Life will help you figure out how to choose a career you can feel good about.


A Job to Love

A Job to Love

by The School of Life


We've all been asked the question: What do you want to do with your life? Some have known the answer since childhood, others figured it out sometime later, and many of us are still searching. But not knowing our life calling is neither our fault, nor a character flaw.

Founded by Swiss philosopher Alain de Botton, The School of Life is a nonideological organization dedicated to teaching the things that school leaves out – matters of life, love, emotional intelligence, and resilience. A Job to Love helps you chart a path to determining which kind of work best suits you, while examining some of the social myths that make the question so difficult in the first place.

Favorite quote

It's wholly reasonable not to know what work one should perform. And it is indeed often a great sign of maturity to realise that one doesn't know, rather than suffer any longer under the punishing assumption that one should.

- The School of Life

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