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Podcast Hack
A 33-Year Love AffairBy LGBTQ&A, Jeffrey Masters, Don Bachardy

In a Nutshell

This May 2022 episode of LGBTQ&A explores the life of portrait artist Don Bachardy and his 33-year relationship with famous author Christopher Isherwood.

Favorite Quote

I think of Chris every day. I don't even have to think of him – he's part of me. If I'm breathing, I'm in effect thinking about him.

Don Bachardy


Born in 1904, Christopher Isherwood is an author most famous for his novels A Single Man and The Berlin Stories, which later became the musical Cabaret.

Despite the 30-year age gap, Isherwood had a loving and openly gay relationship with portrait artist Don Bachardy, and they became known as the gay royal couple of their era.

LGBTQ&A is a weekly podcast produced by The Advocate magazine that interviews prominent LGBTQ+ people.

In this May 2022 episode, host Jeffrey Masters interviews Don Bachardy to discuss his 33-year relationship with Christopher Isherwood and his experiences being in an openly gay couple in the mid-20th century.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    It was unusual to be openly gay in the 1950s
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