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5 Ways to Control Your Time

Chris Croft

5 mins

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Focus on what's important with 5 Ways To Control Your Time, and discover why time management isn't just about ramping up your workload, but working more efficiently – so that we've got more time to relax.


5 Ways to Control Your Time

5 Ways to Control Your Time

by Chris Croft


Despite what you may think, time management is a skill that can be learned – it's not a personality trait or something that you can't change. In a modern world full of potential distractions and ways to waste time, good time management makes the difference between success and failure. Productive people learned to effectively manage their time, while others dwell in vast worlds of procrastination.

As a Cambridge graduate, Christ Croft initially worked as a project manager in the manufacturing industry. However, Croft quickly realized that his real talent is in coaching, and has since become one of the UK's top leadership and management speakers. Today, he's helped more than six million students on and LinkedIn Learning alone.

Favorite quote

It's okay to check your emails at home if you need to, but don't take big pieces of work back with you. That's a sign that your work environment isn't good enough, or you're failing to fit your work into your working day.

- Chris Croft

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