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30 Days of Genius: Sir Mix-A-Lot

Chase Jarvis

5 mins

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In this interview, rapper and producer Sir Mix-a-Lot opens up on creativity, education, and finding the right tools to tap into your inner artist.


30 Days of Genius: Sir Mix-A-Lot

30 Days of Genius: Sir Mix-A-Lot

by Chase Jarvis


Anthony L. Ray, known commonly by his stage name Sir Mix-a-Lot, is famed around the world for his appreciation of the female form. But there's a lot more to the man behind 'Baby Got Back.' The legendary rapper has worn many hats over his long career, from producer and radio DJ to TV host and tech entrepreneur.

In his 30 Days of Genius series, photographer, author, and CreativeLive co-founder Chase Jarvis interviews some of the most compelling personalities in fields from business and sports to arts and culture. Here, Sir Mix-a-Lot offers guidance to young people seeking creative opportunities and reflects on his own experience in the music business.

Favorite quote

You gotta thirst for something or your soul dies.

- Sir Mix-a-Lot

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